Lyric Fire: It’s All Inside

Whether you are a writer who works to find their “voice” or a singer who strengthens their “instrument” to better express what is inside of your burning cauldron of creativity, it can be a challenge to stay inspired.

Whenever I’m working on something and can’t find the next line, phrase or idea to move my writing along, I stop typing or put my pen down and start humming or put on some music. Sometimes one word from a song will spark a sensation that will light my wick and get me moving again. There are times when even that doesn’t work and I have to go outside to be stimulated by the sounds, colors and rhythms of the outdoors.

The most important thing to remember is that when you first get an idea for a creative project, just at that moment it is created in totality. It’s all inside of you. Every word, every note of music, every color and every stroke you need to put your art on canvas is inside waiting on you to find it and release it.

So do everything you can to stay open so your art can flow out the way it’s meant to. Don’t block what is already there with negative thinking. If you want to write a novel, say so and do it. Whatever you want to create or build is possible if you BELIEVE it to be. Philosopher and poet Goethe said it best: Whatever you can do, or DREAM you can, BEGIN it. BOLDNESS has genius, POWER and MAGIC in it.


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