Letters to Chyna: A Novel

Some of you have asked me to post the synopsis for my novel Letters to Chyna and here it is:


20-year-old African American struggling singer Chyna Rose gets the shock of her life when she suddenly finds out that she’s adopted. She is summoned to her biological mother’s hospital room where
she is left with unanswered questions and after witnessing her death, she confronts her adoptive parents, an abusive mother and passive father. An explosive confrontation ensues and she leaves their home to begin a period of self discovery.

After having her life turned upside down, Chyna turns to bad men, reckless sex and self-doubt. She then begins to receive mysterious letters from a man claiming to be her biological father. The rub is that just before her biological mother dies, she informs her that her birth father was killed several years ago. Where are these letters coming from? Chyna has to find out.

In the letters Chyna is transported into the world of a destructive man that lived on the outskirts of society in the 1970’s on Detroit’s gritty streets as a drug dealer and pimp. When the mystery man claiming to be her father reveals his killer, she attempts to seek revenge for the father she never got a chance to know.

But a love interest enters the fray and tries to soften her heart. Then her adoptive father dies, sending her once again spiraling down a path filled with pain. Will she learn from her biological father’s mistakes? Or will she follow in his footsteps and seek to destroy the one person that she feels is responsible for all of her hurt and loss?

Ultimately, LETTERS TO CHYNA is a story of divine intervention, forgiveness and redemption.



Letters to Chyna is currently being reviewed by a major publisher.


The second book in this installment is titled: LifeTracks Vol. 1 – The Chyna Rose Debut.


Some people who have read the manuscript think it could be made into a film.

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